IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. That is: any product's connection to another one in its surroundings through the Internet channel. From a book to a fridge or an advertising sign.


Remote power consumption monitoring and operational costs reduction thanks to internal and external process automation.


IOT allows to keep uninterrupted workflows through the production line and gather operational data in real time.


Immediate customer service and preventive maintenance maintenance that allows to assist users before the issue comes up.


It reinforces the company’s innovator positioning and enables experiential marketing, 100% focused on the consumer.
How is the IoT process at Fhios?
Estrategia IOT para empresas - Fhios Consultoría Tecnológica

1. IOT strategy

We define the most efficient IoT tools and tactical actions in order to reach the company’s objectives.

Tecnología IOT

2. Technology

We count with the largest network of partners specialized in sensors and networks.

software IOT

3. Software

We implement the data analysis systems and develop tailored back-end and front-end.

Soporte IOT

4. Support

We design intuitive and efficient control dashboards dashboards and offer comprehensive maintenance services.

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IoT's possibilities are endless. Multiple and innovative solutions of great value exist. Below we highlight some key applications in three big areas of business:

Immediate detection of possible irregular uses in transferred terminals through sensors of temperature, pressure…

Real-time vehicle and shipment tracking.

Digital stock inventory and smart tags.

Display cases with light and motion sensors which inform of their use

100% Experiential marketing and customised campaigns.

Automatic updates of prices and offers with digital tags.

Status detector on dispensers and vending machines.

Record of customer satisfaction degree with both single question or interaction at point of sale terminals.

Smart buttons which boost repurchasing from anywhere.